About Metal Expert


Who we are, what we do: We are an independent provider of news and analysis about the markets of steel and steelmaking raw materials.

We also organize series of annual international meetings of the steel market participants. The conferences are devoted to the most important segments of the steel and raw materials market.

What we provide our customers with: We provide market intelligence in the form of on-line services and regular reports.

Regions: We cover all of the global market.

Information sources: We rely on market sources by making personal phone calls to market participants. But at the same time we pay a great deal of attention to verification and analysis of received information. We also analyze large volumes of statistics and use a lot of other data, most of which is collected by ourselves.

Where we are located: The central office is located in Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk), there are also offices in Russia (Moscow), Switzerland (Zurich) and the USA (Houston).

Our clients are producers and consumers of steel and raw materials, traders and service companies all around the world.